Friday, October 5, 2007

My first ever blog!

I've started reading fat acceptance blogs and feminist blogs and found I have lots of say so this is my blog in an attempt to say it. I have binge eating disorder and this will also be my documenting and attempting to recover-land.

I'm 18 and started at uni just a week last saturday and went to the university's women's committee. It's a big university. Over 20,000 students and yet there were five people there. The runner of the committee, her friend, the welfare officer for the uni, me and a girl i brought along who was silent. I don't get why women don't seem to want to fight for their rights anymore. The women here seem to only want blokes to fancy them and that's it. Regardless of whether they fancy the bloke, they want to be desires, and here's the sticking point, over every other woman. Maybe that's why feminism is failing a little, because women seem to hate other women.

Westwood came to our uni last night. I've never heard him before but those that have wouldn't be suprised to hear, he was just as misogynistic and he is supposed to be. He displays videos and speaks of women saying that they are just objects to be fucked and discarded or, if you happen to have a girlfriend, she's 'your' girl. A possession.

I reckon feminism still has value and use now as we seem to be sliding into casual misogyny where it's ok to joke about rape or maybe even to actually do it.

Anyways, that's my first rant over so testing, testing. Will it publish???

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